Established in 1922, Maas-Rowe has provided church bells, chimes, carillons and tower clocks for many of America’s most famous places. Maas-Rowe manufactures unique electronic carillons that employ struck metal “miniature bells” to produce an authentic live bell sound acclaimed by musical experts.

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  1. Rozanne says:

    Hello…I am in Escondido and was wondering where in town are you located? Do you have a store where your products are sold and do you give tours?
    Thank you!

  2. Eliseo Espinosa says:

    Our church has a old 8 track Maas-Rowe Carillions bell system that still works, but the 8 track are starting to give out. I would like to see we could up garde to a newer system like cds and how much it would cost. We are a small church and income it not that great. So I would liket to it would be afforabel for our church to up grade. Could you send me a price list for CD players that i could connect to our old system.

  3. David Wammer says:

    I was hoping your website would provide a way to contact customer service/technical support for your carillons, particularly about the output side of the carillon. The carillon itself works fine in terms of receiving input and playing the chime in the case. …. Thank you.